Your big questions


Everyone has questions before they engage the services of any kind of professional, but in our experience, the world of property tends to pose some pretty big questions.

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions we come across.

If you don’t find the answer to your big question here, just give us a call or contact us here and we’ll be happy to furnish you with every detail.

Every programme with every client is bespoke and unique. We work with beginners through to seasoned investors and will create a strategy that works exclusively for you. We are passionate about helping new investors get off to a great start and would love to work with you.
Absolutely - in our humble opinion, we should all be lifelong learners. We respect what you have achieved so far and believe we can further enhance your knowledge significantly, simply because we work with such a wide variety of investors, with an even wider variety of investment strategies, properties and markets.

In addition, we have access to exclusive market data, close agency relationships, and finely tuned systems that will help you hone your investment skills to perfection.
Yes – one of our signature services is our ‘First Class Second Opinion’, which is a full assessment report on the performance to date and likely future performance of your property, along with our recommendations.

Contact us to find our more or request your ‘First Class Second Opinion’.
Yes, of course. Though we offer a full end-to-end service, you can cherry pick any elements you need and we can help you buy your new home with a more scientific and informed approach.
OK, with the soaring property prices in recent years many young people are finding it hard to get a foot on the property ladder. Rentvesting means they continue to rent in the place they want to live – usually the city, or close to work – and then purchase property in a more affordable market, but with good potential for capital growth. People may go on to purchase multiple properties, then liquidate them at some point in the future to help finance the purchase of their first home. There will be many variations on this theme, depending on your ultimate objectives.

We will always start with a strategic planning session to determine if this course of action is right for you and together agree a plan to build your wealth.
Every client is different and the amount of time and support they need from us is different – horses for courses, as they say.

To answer your question, we work across a full spectrum of support from arms-length guidance and mentoring, to full-service management of your investments and properties. Following our initial planning session we will scope out exactly what you need and agree a service plan specifically for you.
Being focussed on investment means we fully understand what a critical investment your family home is for you and we’d be delighted to help you realise its maximum potential. Check out our ‘Seller’s Assist’ service for full details.
No – and we do not typically recommend them as investments.

Firstly, from the time you pay your deposit to completion date can be a significant period and a lot can happen in that time. Bank lending criteria changes frequently, which recently has meant many would-be investors have lost their deposits when loan-to-value ratios increased, making it impossible for them to meet their obligations and go ahead with their purchase.

Secondly, we have found many apartments have lost value between the time of purchase and completion, which is not unusual in soft market conditions. (It should be noted that there can be multiple layers of sales commissions built into the purchase price, which eats away at your capital growth before you even start).

Thirdly, these properties tend to attract mainly investors, which drives rental yields down and when you eventually sell, you will a) find there is a lot of competition due to over-supply, and b) the pool of buyers the properties attract is mainly investor-based, who are looking to buy well.

None of this is conducive to a high-performance investment.

We instead look at areas of high demand and low supply, and properties that will appeal to both tenants and owner-occupiers, which is more likely to drive your selling price up when the time comes.
Similarly to off the plan apartments, house and land packages can lead to a negative equity if the banks value the property for less at the time of completion.

In addition, house and land packages typically exist in areas where land is abundant and continued demand for homes leads to further land subdivisions rather than price growth. Without scarcity of stock capital, growth is unlikely and new home owners and investors will always prefer the newer stock.

Owners attracted by developer offered price concessions and investors by tax depreciation allowances are only available on new dwellings.
First, let’s just meet for a coffee and discovery session to explore whether we are the right fit for each other. We will explain in detail how our services work in practise and get a good feel for your goals and objectives.

From there if we are both happy to proceed, we’ll book in your strategy session and get to work.
No, for investment purposes, we buy in all the major cities and suburbs – again, depending on your objectives and market conditions.

For the sale and purchase of homes, we will be happy to help you anywhere in Australia.
Yes, of course. We think you’ll find our approach to property management unique and refreshing. As investment specialists, we fully understand the requirement for well-maintained, well-managed properties. Plus, we additionally offer regular reviews and reporting on your investments.

Check out our Property Management page for more detail…
As part of our ‘Seller’s Assist’ service, we will provide you with a detailed Agency Recommendation Report as a result of our interviewing, negotiation and assessment of a number of local agencies. We will discuss this with you and guide you toward the best decision depending on your desired outcome.

View a sample Agency Recommendation Report and check out our ‘Seller’s Assist’ service for more detail.