Property Advisory


It’s not always easy, knowing what to do and when, as property owners and investors.

Second-guessing the market is no mean feat. When is the best time to buy? What should you buy? And where? When should you sell? And how?

The fact is, there are many correct answers to all these questions, depending on your objectives. And there are many mistakes and pitfalls that we can help you avoid, that could prove disastrous for your financial security.

At PA Partners, we take the guess-work and emotion out of your property decisions with our structured, process-driven approach, starting always with a sound investment strategy created specifically for you. We then evaluate your options and ensure all decisions made, are based on accurate and timely information – not guess work or gut feel.

We fully understand the costs of transacting property and of renovation and development. We prepare budget scenarios and options for your consideration, then together we can make the right decisions, to ensure the best possible results for you – because this is what we spend our lives doing.

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What People Say

“I liked the communication, the planning on how we were going to do it, the agent selection process, and PA’s negotiation skills. We got along personally and I liked the feeling of having peace of mind with the team, especially when I was travelling with work”

T Bates, Sydney

Sale of 2 x Units in Brisbane and house in Gymea

“It was a very good experience, saved us a lot of time. Happy with PA Partners’ knowledge and experience and appreciated the service.”

T & A Brown, Sydney

Sale of Unit in Stanmore NSW

“The PA team has a very friendly manner and explained in depth what they could do for us with regard to the selling process to make it all simple, transparent and seamless for us. This involved everything from arranging the tenants to vacate, to getting submissions from multiple real estate agents and negotiating with them directly, to liaising with solicitors and finalising the sale. This was a godsend for me as my skill and expertise in this area is minimal and it allowed me to continue my routine but with regular updates on the progress of the sale”

W & M Brodsky

Sale of Unit in South Yara VIC